What got you to this level in your business and life isn’t what is going to get you to the next….

This is why we created the monthly Millionaire Mastermind Calls. Not only, as a TPS member, are you a pillar & example to our amazing photography industry that it IS possible to THRIVE, but you will also get exclusive access to top experts who share the shortcuts, hacks and tools needed to accelerate you to your next level 10x faster! 

Whether that’s discovering how to double your revenue in the next year, scaling through expanding your team, knowing where to make investments to put your hard earned money to work to build wealth 5 times quicker or finding out how to retire in 10 years or less, we will be covering all the topics to help you reach your next level with ease.


  • Profit Maximization While Working 30% Less
    The 3 most critical parts of your business and how to maximize them to optimize profit and work less.
  • 5 Easy Steps To Making Your First Real Estate Investment In 90 Days
    Everything you need to invest in your first property even if you have 0 real estate investing experience.
  • Walkthrough On Hiring Rockstar Employees/Team Members 
    Save time, headaches, and the pain of turnover with this proven hiring process that only brings you high-performing, loyal, rockstars.
  • 3 Legal Hacks To Pay 50% Less Taxes In 2022
    Get secrets of the tax code for business owners that 99% of CPAs don't know or have the time to utilize properly for their clients.
  • ​Investing In Air BnBs To Diversify Your Wealth Portfolio
    How to find & invest in Air BnBs to compound your wealth 300% faster.
  • ​​20/80 Intention Setting To Reach Your Goals 10X Quicker
    Learn how to close the gap of where you are now and where you want to be faster than you ever imagined possible.
  • ​How To Buy Your Dream House With Tax Free Money In 36 Months
    Get access to the same tax free formula used by the wealthy 1% to live their dream lives.
  • Tuning Into High Level Vibrations To Elevate Quicker
    Learn how to always be in alignment with your highest vibration to operate at your full potential and live with ultimate peace, love and happiness.
  • ​Fast Track To Retiring In 10 Years Or Less
    Chuck the old school, out dated retirement plans and implement these new modern principles to retire with millionaire money 5x quicker. 
  • ​Auditing Your Financial Report Card
    Monthly auditing strategy to maximize profits, mitigate expenses and optimize your financial report card's grade. 

I agree that I meet the requirements for Thriving Photographers Society & have reached $100,000/year gross revenue in my photography business. I also agree to provide revenue documentation in the form of an official sales report or taxes to I also acknowledge that I have read & agree to the TPS Terms, Agreements & By-Laws.